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Never underestimate the power of repurposing digital marketing

Repurposing digital marketing


Creating compelling digital content takes a huge amount of time, dedication, and resource.

So, why is it that so many marketers continue to publish their content on a single occasion?

Crafting the perfect social media copy, only to post it once on X, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Editing that video to perfection, to then publish it on YouTube and forget about it.

Writing an engaging blog post, with the right SEO keywords, only to tuck the post away in the depths of your website.

Repurposing content ensures your original creativity stretches that bit further. Works that little bit harder for you, or your organisation.

Repurposing helps to protect creative burnout, while allowing you to deliver your powerful messaging in a multi-faceted and more dynamic way.

At the beginning of the year, we create our content calendars for the 365 days ahead. Establishing a cadence of engaging content can be a huge challenge for marketing teams. This can be compounded even further when internal resources are light.

Repurposing original content can save you time brainstorming new ideas. As the famous proverb goes: ‘there’s more than one way to skin a cat’. While I don’t advocate animal cruelty of any kind, the sentiment here is true.

For example, let’s take a humble podcast episode.

We spend an enormous amount of resource preparing for this event. For example, ensuring the technology works and briefing the interviewer and interviewee. Post production. Transcribing the interview. You get the picture.

We publish our podcast episode and the data indicates we achieved some solid engagement, but what else can we do with this content?

We repurpose it..

Our engaging interviewee provides us with soundbites of pure gold. Those comments could harnessed in a multitude of different ways. For example, to craft a new case study or article, highlighting our products or services.

The podcast unearths some fantastic living breathing testimonials about our organisation. We could use these words, with permission, to underpin future award entries.

Our podcast episode is an hour long. Great as long-form content, but let’s repurpose for a short-form audience.

We can take snippets of the podcast and create catchy video trailers, with subtitles. As a side note, remember, video posts on LinkedIn garner three times the engagement of text-based posts. And, 85% of video views on LinkedIn take place ‘on mute’, meaning subtitling is crucial.

We can use our new graphics and video clips again in our email newsletters. Promoting our services. The possibilities are endless.

Our one humble podcast episode has now evolved into five types of engaging digital collateral that can help us to attract new customers.

And when it comes to posting this content online, don’t be afraid to recycle your posts to fill that content calendar.

Remember, a post is a single snapshot in time. Will your entire audience all be online at the exact moment you post to social media? Very unlikely. So, repost, tweak the CTA, or quote, but keep the core messaging of the original post to save time.

Build that community trust and authority in your space.

Next time you are brainstorming or generating content – remember to repurpose it!