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Supercharge your Digital Marketing career with CPD

Digital marketing career


Let’s face it. Embarking on a career in Digital Marketing can sometimes feel overwhelming. We all can encounter negative thoughts, or feelings of insecurity from time-to-time. Imposter syndrome.

‘I don’t have all the skills to succeed’. ‘Everyone seems to know so much more than me’. ‘How will I ever be able to master all these skills?’.

It is completely normal, and you are not alone. We have all been there. Right at the start.

Digital Marketing encompasses so many technologies, skills, and specialisms. It is unrealistic, when starting out, to become an expert in everything.

Rather than agonising over the skills you are missing, instead focus on what you know already.

Focus on that one skill

Everyone has that one skill that sparked their interest in Digital Marketing. An area where they feel more comfortable. Dedicated more time. From social media and graphic design to copywriting and SEO. This trademark skill can function as your foundation. Your entry point into the professional Digital Marketing world. Over time, that skill can develop further, even becoming your ‘super strength’. The skill you become known for.

But as we all know, Digital Marketing is fast-paced and never stays still. Trends come and go. One skill will only carry us so far. So, it is important to adopt a continuous professional development mindset. Constant learning, curiosity, and evolution will help you to remain on the front foot. Allowing you to future-proof your career, while building towards your professional goals.

From that foundation skill, more areas of Digital Marketing will develop over time. More strings to your bow. Remember to update your CV, LinkedIn profile, and online portfolio. Write down what you have learnt. It will surprise you how much you have achieved.

The key is a commitment, from you, to self-development. Binging on those TED Talks and YouTube tutorials. Reading those books, or blogs from your favourite content creators. Listening to industry podcasts or taking that online course to master something new.

Again, take it all one step at a time. One skill at a time. Let’s not rush this.

Don’t forget support in the workplace

Self-development is critical, but workplace learning is also so important for professional development.

Leverage the knowledge and skills of your peers or colleagues. Is ‘Jacob’ a video editing wizard? Book in time with him. Ask him to show you the basics. Is ‘Sarah’ a copywriting superhero? Why not organise a coffee. Pick her brains about what makes engaging and irresistible content? Build your skills, your network.

People love to share. Being asked to support another member of the team can be one of life’s privileges. Passing on skills or advice. Yes, we are all busy people, but we can always be available for others.

We have all reached where we are today by somebody giving us a leg up. Those kind comments from someone we admired professionally. An act of faith by a line manager. That proverbial ‘arm around your shoulders’ at the right time. The incredible workshop from a colleague that sparked your curiosity.

Never be afraid to learn new skills from those around you. Asking for help is a sign of strength – not weakness. And a well-supported team, is a more productive team. Knowledge sharing and transparency helps a team to grow and become even stronger. Even more successful.

But what if you don’t have a team? Or you operate on a freelance basis? Network network network. Connect with people you admire at events and via social media. Schedule a 15 minute call with them. Ask them questions. Learn from them.

It is that simple. Keep learning. Remain curious. Visit that event. Watch that video. Invest time in you and your skills.

One day you will look back on these early days of your Digital Marketing career and smile.

I promise.