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Meat Science and Quality

Meat Science and Meat Quality

e-Learning Tutorial

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Meat Science and Quality

The Background:

Meat Science and Quality is a ten-part e-learning tutorial I developed alongside academic staff and subject-knowledge experts at the University of Nottingham. The resource provides students with the opportunity to improve their knowledge and understanding of Meat Science and begins by introducing key concepts in muscle anatomy and biochemistry, before examining the process of converting muscle to meat.

Interactive content includes clickable diagrams that allow the student to explore muscle components in greater detail, in addition to a range of animations, videos and drag-and-drop exercises. I also produced a series of custom illustrations for the resource using the Adobe Creative Cloud suite.

The Results:

Meat Science - Browser

Meat Science - Smartphone

Meat Science iPad

“The Meat Science resource is really easy to navigate through and each section ends with a number of interactive questions which check that you’ve understood the content. It’s a really good way of learning.”

Chris Roddis

Course Participant & Quality Control Manager, Greencore

Meat Science and Quality

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