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Xhibit App

Xhibit App

Xhibit App- Web Application

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Xhibit App

Xhibit App – The Background:

Xerte Online Toolkits is an open-source e-learning authoring tool, allowing people with limited web development skills to build interactive learning resources.

Teachers and educators can create engaging, accessible and media rich online resources, without the need for support from web developers or learning technologists.

For many years, customising the design of Xerte resources had been off-limits, especially for non-technical users. This was because it required expert knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Me and my former colleague, James Roscoe, saw an opportunity in the market. So, we set about designing a complimentary web application to enable the Xerte community to produce their very own custom themes (stylesheets). Without having to write any complicated code.

Together, we designed and developed Xhibit App. The app features a designer tool, allowing users to choose their colour schemes, backgrounds, fonts, icons and menus. With design choices displayed in real-time via a customised preview window.

The user can then export their completed theme with the click of a button. All the code gets created in the background into a downloadable CSS (stylesheet) file. An advanced export option is also available, allowing school or university IT administrators to export themes for institution-wide delivery.

The Results:

Visit: xhibitapp.com

Resource - Desktop

Resource - Mobile

Resource - iPad

“I love it when talented people create a solution to an issue that makes technology more usable for all. #XhibitApp”

Kerry Pinny

Chief Operations Officer, ALT (Association for Learning Technology)

Teacher using Xhibit App on their smartphone